2014 OGKC Announcement

LCQ Press Release

November 21, 2013

An arrangement has been concluded that will enhance your club karting experience in the National Capital Region – Le Circuit Quyon (LCQ) is pleased to announce that Mr. Ché Smith, kart racer and owner of NR Kart Store, will be taking over the leadership of the Ottawa-Gatineau Karting Championship (OGKC) into its 2014 season. The OGKC had its inaugural season in 2013, launched in tandem with the creation of the LCQ Kart Club, and expanded throughout the year to have 35+ racers participating in the six-event series. The 2014 edition will be even better, with potential new members already showing interest in participating in this great sport, coinciding with the non-partisan direction of Ché.

Having entered the Canadian karting scene a mere two years ago, Ché has quickly made a name for himself as a knowledgeable and passionate resource for all things related to karting. Over the past two years, Ché has successfully supported drivers that have made it to the podium of the Canadian National Kart Championship – no small feat! A supporting dealer/sponsor at the 2013 OGKC and racing at Lombardy Karting, Ché has been looking at ways of improving the sport’s recognition in the National Capital Region, and making it a better and more enjoyable experience for racing aficionados across the regional clubs – whether veteran racers or newcomers to the sport.

By handing the lead of the OGKC series to Ché, LCQ track owner Mr. Paul Lalonde is confident that the OGKC experience will be enhanced by Ché’s fresh and enthusiastic persona. For the 2014 season, Paul will focus on track operations and continuing infrastructure projects, such as a new timing system and track improvements, while Ché will lead the OGKC series.

Ché Smith – Owner, NR Kart Store and new OGKC Series Organizer

I’m honoured that Paul approached me to be a part of the expanding OGKC series. I have tried to remain on neutral territory over my two years in Canadian karting, working and collaborating with several local clubs. As the new series organizer, my plan is to continue to work with local clubs to develop the best kart racing experience in the National Capital Region. I’m looking forward to putting my personal touches to the series, and have already added a second track to make things more challenging and entertaining for the racers. Briggs & Stratton have facilitated interest in karting by producing an affordable ‘out-of-the-box’ sealed race engine that is easy to maintain and inexpensive to run; we need to do our part to ensure karting remains fast, affordable, fun, safe, and entertaining! My door is always open for those that would like to provide feedback, advice, or guidance – whether it be from racers, teams, or other clubs that may wish to participate in the series. The 2013 OGKC included participation from other Québec karting clubs, and I would like to continue or expand this newly-establish collaboration. I love this sport, and always have. I will do my best to make the 2014 OGKC series a great success and welcome you to join me for the wild ride! No drama. No politics. Just racing!

Paul Lalonde – Owner, Le Circuit Quyon and founder of the OGKC

 I’m really enthusiastic about Ché’s involvement in the 2014 OGKC series! Ché will be a great series organizer – keen, intelligent, friendly, and approachable. Being relatively new to the Canadian karting scene, Ché’s fresh perspective on the series will be a breath of fresh air not only for veteran racers, but also for rookies that will be coming out in 2014. I anticipate that next-year’s series will be an amazing success, with more participation, a non-partisan approach, and an expanded track base. In addition, Ché’s role as the new organizer of the series will enable me to: focus on providing you with a challenging, fast, and safe track for you to enjoy your karting experience; work with the racers of the LCQ Racing Team;  as well as expand the LCQ rental kart offer! Please join me in welcoming Mr. Ché Smith into the National Capital Region karting family as the new organizer of the OGKC series!


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