2014 Race Club Membership Registration Now Available

We are pleased to announce that 2014 membership registration is now available to download! Online registration will be available through our website early next week.  Visit https://lecircuitquyon.wordpress.com/club-racing/ for all information regarding our 2014 racing season. It appears that the ECKC, CDM, and nationals will be running Vega tires this year, so we have decided to align ourselves the majority. Vega Blue will be the spec tire for this year; however, racers and teams that still have Bridgestone YLC tire with some life left in them will be permitted to run them. Rain tires will remain open. We will be holding an information session swap meet event in late February for all existing, new, and non members. Any questions, comments or concerns please do not hesitate to contact any of the club directors.

  • Che Smith : che73@me.com

  • Crawford Kilpatrick : crawfk2@gmail.com

  • Terry McGonigal : terrymcg@sympatico.ca

  • Paul Lalonde : paul@lecircuitquyon.com


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